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Baking started as in interest as a kid, progressed as a hobby in early adulthood and now has become a full blown obsession and career.  I'm self taught and driven by my passion to create and bring joy to others with my sweet creations!

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My vision is to provide you with a high quality cake creation that is tailored to reflect your individual personality and tastes. It is a privilege to create something that brings so much joy to others, at a memorable time in their life.

Everything that comes out of the BMIY kitchen has to look and taste exceptional. All of our cakes are baked from scratch with the freshest ingredients (no packet mix here!) Rest assured, we have never had a dream that we haven't brought to life, so expect your cake to be baked with "wow" in mind.

A great base of cake and a generous layer of creamy, silky and perfectly sweet swiss meringue buttercream provides a vehicle for a plethora of flavour combinations. We love combining homemade fruit curds, locally produced jams and conserves and homemade salted caramel sauce to take your cake to the next level.  If you're after flavour, Bake Me I'm Yours.


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