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  • Do you copy other cake designs?
    If you can provide us with some inspiration pictures around colour / theme / style, then we will design a beautiful and bespoke cake just for you. Every cake artist has a different design style and design process. The final creation will be determined by the availability of specialty design elements and florals. It is therefore not possible to identically recreate any of our previous cakes or a cake by another cake artist.
  • Can I have fresh flowers on my cake?
    Yes, styling with fresh florals is our specialty! Floral arrangements are selected based on the design / colour scheme, seasonal availability and budget. Flowers will be wrapped and / wired and placed to ensure that there is minimal contact with the cake. It is important to note that fresh flowers are not edible and many are also sprayed with pesticides, so please ensure that they are not served with the cake. We work with local suppliers to to source your florals unless otherwise requested. Upon request we can also get in touch with your wedding provider to coordinate and organise florals.
  • What is the cost for a custom cake?
    The price for a custom cake is determined by a number of factors including serving size, complexity of style, requirements of additional features such as gold leaf, stencilling, deluxe blooms (peonies, orchids, David Austin roses ), custom toppers etc. Specifying these requirements (inspiration images are highly recommended) in your initial enquiry will enable us to quote you as accurately and swiftly as possible.
  • How much notice do you require for a cake order?
    As we are a boutique cake service we generally ask for at least 4 - 6 weeks lead time, subject to availability. For wedding cakes with two tiers or more we recommend a lead time of at least 12 weeks to allow sufficient time for design consultation and tasting before confirming your final cake details.
  • What is the difference between a coffee serve and a dessert serve?
    Coffee slices are approximately 1" x 1" x 4". They are the traditional wedding cake slice portion and are often served after a two or three-course meal or lots of canapes. Dessert portions are larger, approximately 1" x 2" x 4". These portions are popular when there are no other desserts on offer. Our celebration cake serves are estimated based on dessert serves of approx 1" x 2" x height of cake" and coffee slices of 1" x 1" x height of cake in inches.
  • What is the difference between mud cake and butter cake?
    We love working with mud cakes because they are delicious, ideal for stacking, support complex cake designs and are easy to cut up and serve. In contrast to the lighter and fluffier composition of traditional butter cakes, mud cakes are heavier and denser in composition.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Once your design is finalised and the deposit paid, we will do our best to accommodate slight design/ cake changes where possible. You will still be responsible for paying for any extra time to change work. If you cancel your order your deposit will not be refunded. At the discretion of management and dependent on the circumstances. A credit note may be issued less an admin fee equal to 20% of the total cost of the order. Please be mindful that due to the nature of this business once a deposit is made no matter how far in advance, we will have started purchasing items and started preparing sugar work. If you cancel your order within 14 days of the delivery or collection date there will be no credit issued and any balances outstanding will be due. Please note that any credit notes issued are done so as a good will gesture and at the discretion of management.
  • Is your kitchen a nut-free environment?
    Our kitchen is not a nut-free environment. Whilst nuts may not be present in some cakes and care is taken with equipment and cleanliness, the same equipment is used to prepare foods containing nut, gluten and dairy products. Therefore, nut traces may still be present in all of our products.
  • Do you make gluten -free / vegan cakes?
    Yes, we do (on request with limited flavour options), but an extra fee may apply to cover the cost of additional ingredients required. However, please note that our kitchen is not a gluten-free/nut-free or vegan environment. Therefore, our cakes may not be suitable for anyone with severe or life-threatening nut/gluten allergies. Please note any specific allergies or requests upon submitting your initial enquiry.
  • How does a wedding consultation work?
    Prior to your appointment, we will send through some initial base pricing as a guide. During consultation, we will work collaboratively with you to create a design, as well as have your three chosen cake flavours ready for tasting. Following consultation, we will generate a detailed design plan and accurate quote so you can check over the details of your design carefully. Your wedding cake quote will be valid for 28 days and a place will be held for 2 weeks from the date the quote is initially sent via email.
  • What size cake / dessert will I need?
    This is the dependent on what you decide. Some people like to ensure that all their guests are catered for when it comes to cake and desserts, and others believe that not every guest will want cake as your caterers are providing a 3 course meal. We recommend catering for at least 80% of your guests but happy to discuss options with you so you can decide what will work best.
  • Can we visit you?
    Bake Me I'm Yours is a registered and insured home based studio so we don't have a storefront where you can visit us. For large weddings are events we may set up an appointment for a face to face consultation at our studio with tastings to sort through design elements and details. We will generally work with you via phone and email to discuss your order. Pick ups are available from our premises in Kangaroo Flat by appointment.
  • How much notice do you require for orders?
    Wedding clients will usually order at least 3 - 6 months in advance to ensure their date is available. We will always try to accommodate your order but we do tend to book out in advance, so as much notice as possible is always appreciated.
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